London Fashion Designers Videos – Why So Serious

Here are 2 facts:

1. I`m a guy

2. From my perspective, fashion is a 7 letter word and includes 7 designers, with Tom Ford and Paul Smith at the top of the list. 

So one thing for sure, when it comes to emerging London fashion designers, my knowledge isn`t that vast (although I have to admit, I’ve always had a keen eye for all the new designer makers selling in the London markets). Fortunately, I can always rely on Wears London to broaden my horizons when it comes to the up-and-coming London talents. This hip fashion marketplace brings together the best designer makers from the London area and helps fashion savy buyers to shop the coolest up and coming designs in and around London’s fashion hubs.

So we`ve teamed up and decided to create inspiring video profiles for emerging London fashion designers.

The first on our list was Why So Serious , a luxury fashion label based on culture and politics from around the world, founded in February 2013 by Terri-Leigh Finnegan. We were more than privileged to be the first ones to have interviewed Terri in her work-space studio and take part in a stunning derelict warehouse fashion shoot showcasing her Haitian inspired collection. 

There were many ingredients that made us think that this interview will be a hit and Terri’s Why So Serious collections will simply take off.  And we’re very happy to say that she’s collaborated with the one and only Cadbury for London Fashion Week 2013 to create a stunning infusion of purple on a superb one-off dress celebrating Cadbury’s 100 years anniversary!

And because London Video Stories aims to inspire you through the stories about people who believe in their ideas and take that one step further to make them come true, we’re thrilled to say that from any sales that she makes, Terri offers actual support to the cultures that provided an inspiration for her designs.

Here`s our proud work, which has also been featured on Visit Britain’s website


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