DMC Magic, Andy Murray and the Prince

We all love magic, right? I think that at least once we’ve imagined ourselves performing a trick or two. But, when that doesn’t work, the best next thing is to see magic at work. And that`s what I did while filming DMC (Drummond Money-Coutts), this intriguing character that tests the limits of his viewers’ perception more often than the camera can record.

No, he doesn`t have a hat and no rabbit there either. What he has is a talent for prestidigitation, a passion for dramatic acts and a personalised bag that hides…well, I guess something related to magic.

While entering the classy George Club in sophisticated Mayfair, I just wished I could have set my camera to shoot 100 frames per second because I was sure my eyes won`t be able to see some of the quick tricks Drummond would perform.

And so, using my unique floating camera technique, we shot 2 videos. The first one is a tribute to  2013  Wimbledon champion, Andy Murray and the other one is a  magical tribute to the new Prince of Cambridge.

In the end, I would say to keep an eye on DMC in this videos but I`m afraid it won`t be enough, so watch them twice.


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