Music, Camera, Action – when you’re Liszt expected

There`s a hidden thought in every videographer`s mind:  someday to make a music video.  Well, not the usual Miley Cyrus on a ball/Lady Gaga all wrapped up kind of stuff, but a Mezzo style, multi-camera, classic video with a classical track.

Classical Musical Video Pianist Sergiu Tuhutziu

My story with classical music goes back some years ago when, while directing a documentary, I`ve commissioned a composer to write a soundtrack for my film.  After a few months, I was invited in a studio to listen to the composition. There are really no words to describe how I felt when listening to to the music that was written only my project! 

Ever since, I’ve always had my eye out for any classical music projects in which I could put all my DOP and editing skills in.  As luck would have it, I met the uber-talented pianist Sergiu Tuhutiu in London a few moths ago and we decided to work together on two of his classical music videos.

Classical Musical Video Pianist Sergiu Tuhutziu

So, there we were – 3 videographers in the room (myself, Raul Babos and Daniel Duna), 5 cameras ready to roll, one old and beautifully restored piano, a typically British saloon and a very talented pianist (Sergiu Tuhutziu) . We had about 8 hours to record 2 tracks and that seemed quite alright when you think we had 5 cameras; but to synchronize each one, to sync each performance, to change the lights for each camera and scene…now, that`s was real challenge.

By the end of the day, the cameramen Raul Babos and Daniel Duna  were not only humming the tunes just like in a karaoke night that went bad but they knew by heart each of Sergiu`s hand movements on the keyboard. I guess they also added Liszt on their iTunes list.

Now, for you techies, I should add another part that might upset the piano lovers, namely camera+cameraman with slider on the piano! Luckily, I`m so compact that the piano hardly felt anything…

After a few clicks and tweaks in in the editing room, here`s what we came up with.

Do enjoy along with a glass of wine. 


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