Experimental Video London Tourneé Cadenza / DanceVideo

A few months ago I was invited by Carlos Dittborn, a talented Chilean director to get involved into an experimental video.  And so I did as a Director of Cinematography.
Until now, I only worked on factual videography (more than I did on experimental videos), weather it was documentary or short corporate videos, and this project was for me a fun challenge especially because I`m planning my first short fiction film.
I had to think out of the box, more visually than before and to adapt to the new DSLR I`ve worked with.

What we had to do may seem simple: to capture the essence of a one minute dance and then to slow-motion it to almost 5 minutes. So, we used many camera angles and a frame rate of 60fps.
The result was stunning because it seamed like the dancer was stopped somewhere between movement and stillness.

Not only was this a positive experience because of working with a talented  dancer, director and choreographer, but also, it made me think about the power that video has today: to slow down reality and offer us a moment of peace.
The video is in the festival circuit and will soon be available in UK.

Meanwhile,you can enjoy the trailer below:

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