Beara Beara and street-style photography

London can be an incredible place for all the opportunities it brings to meet people. I`m talking about people with passion because that`s what I`m trying to do with my work – tell stories about passionate people.

I’ve recently met Jake, travel writer, designer and founder of Beara Beara Company. He needed a photographer that could present his uniquely crafted leather bags, designed in UK and handmade by family businesses he supports in Bolivia. Great, right?

I thought that`s pretty catchy so I got involved and played a while with my lenses and the bags. I even went to Brick Lane to see some of the street styles that might work with the colourful bags.

And man, that worked just fine. In a way, those bags are what each photographer would want when thinking about product shoots: colourful, incredibly well-made, trendy and stylish. I even thought about wearing one of the Beara Beara bag instead of my camera backpack.

The Beara Beara campaign is a work in progress and while you`re reading, we`re preparing a series of new shoots so keep an eye on the bags. I have the feeling that they will be the next bubble in London when it comes to stylish, accessible handmade bags. Even Taylor Swift is wearing one on her tour!

If you want you can check out the Beara Beara website or Facebook page , or pay them a visit as they sell on high-street in Topshop Oxford Street and Brick Lane Market. No wonder people call them “the Cambridge Satchel Company of backpacks”.

Hope you’ll like the street style photo-shoot I took around Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market.

One thought on “Beara Beara and street-style photography

  1. Great street-style photography in Brick Lane! Lovely outfits and I really like all the Beara Beara bags! Keep up the good work, London Video Stories!!

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