Painting London

 A few weeks ago, my camera and I were discovering Greenwich, when our path brought us to Greenwich Market. The lens wanted to catch details, I wanted people and so, we began our search.  Inside we were amazed by this incredible variety of antiques, handmade objects, lovely aromas and traditional dishes, all under one roof.

Wandering around, we suddenly caught a sight of …London. A brightly coloured London on beautiful paintings. Among the canvases of all sizes and shapes, we saw this man that kept moving around as if he had something very urgent to do. Arranging the paintings, putting prices, cleaning, saying hello to people and most importantly, painting.

My camera was intrigued. I said hello. I got a hello back with a foreign accent, resembling a Russian one but not quite. We started chatting and he presented himself.

He is Vidma, the artist from Lithuania.  And he paints.

You can see London in films, videos, sketches or photos, but Vidma’s paintings really stir up emotions. It’s London seen through the artist`s eye! This is what Vidma does. He catches London`s spirit and brings it alive on canvases through vivid colours.

I have visited Vidma many times since then, filming him while working in his studio or in Greenwich market.  This is what my camera and I captured in a fast paced video, just like Vidma.

Let yourself be surprised by the man behind the art, the art behind the painting, the story behind the artist.

This is Painting London.

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